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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

(Only) 5 of my Biggest Pet Peeves

So I'm working off of this "blog challenge" article, and one of the subjects is  "List Your Five Biggest Pet Peeves." Here are mine, in no particular order:

1. People who go through the "10 Items or Less" line at the grocery store with even 11 items. Drives me nuts. They had to draw the line somewhere. It's ten, not eleven or fifteen, or God forbid, 20! Why do some folks feel like rules don't apply to them??

 See? Someone even made a TV show based on this premise, apparently. I've never seen this show, but I think it was written by a guy who used to work at a grocery store I used to patronize in my neck of the woods.

2. People who stand too close to me in the grocery store line (clearly, I have a thing for people in grocery stores...) When I'm paying and checking out, I hate it when the person behind stands RIGHT NEXT TO ME, in my personal space, like they're the ones getting ready to pay. I'm working on it, dude...your turn's coming, just let me get my bags off the belt first! See the guy behind the gentleman in the baseball cap? He's already in there, and the other guy hasn't even left the space yet.

Uh uh. No. Back TF off.

If I was the baseball cap guy, I'd want to donkey kick his ass back to Aisle 7.

3. Drivers who turn into my lane and cut me off when there's no one behind me. You couldn't wait two more seconds and get in after I passed you? Inevitably, these are the same folks who cut me off when I'm doing 45 then drive 20 mph. So they can THEN drive at a snail's pace when I'd been humming along just nicely, thank you very much. (I have changed my take on this one as I've gotten older. I now see these people as God's way of slowing me down, maybe preventing me from getting into an accident, but still....)

4. People who chew with their mouths open, talk with food in their mouth and suck their teeth. 

5. Anyone who doesn't use proper grammar or speak proper English. Not surprising for a writer, I know. And I'm not referring to anyone born outside of the U.S. or who is new to the English language. Those folks get a break. My daughter is currently taking SAT prep classes, and she needs some help with the grammar section of the test. The woman at the prep site said, "They don't teach grammar in school anymore" and my head almost exploded. WHY??? With so many Americans not speaking properly these days, I think grammar is essential. Words that weren't words are becoming part of our lexicon because of their misuse over time, so we're dumbing down as a society. One of my favorite examples of this is the word conversate. It's converse!! We converse with one another!! Ugh...I've got to jump off here or else things are going to get ugly. 

And one more, just for the heck of it....

6. People who don't thank you for standing there and holding the door for them. Ok, I admit this is totally MY problem. It's me having expectations of others, which I try not to do anymore because let's face it, you're always disappointed when you expect others to act or behave the way you would in certain situations, but still...this irks me.


While I haven't shouted "you're welcome!" at someone, I did hold an outside door for a woman at a mall once and when she didn't thank me, I went through the inner door and allowed it to slam back in her face. Mature, right? I showed her!

For what it's worth, I used to have a much longer list of pet peeves. I used to write them down every so often, and it took some time for me to come up with this list, so I think I'm letting go of some of my pet peeves, which makes me feel better about myself. Like I've reached the age of 50 and I'm beginning to grow up or something.

"Maturity is developed by respecting others, and accepting responsibility for violating that respect."
                                                                                                                  --Wes Fessler

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  1. You are not going to believe this, but I have a story related to one of your pet peeves. Recently I was at the supermarket, and there were only a few cashiers working. A manager walked up to me and told me to go to the express checkout. I had a cart full of groceries and told her I couldn't go to express. She said I should and not to worry about it. I felt uncomfortable but I went to the express line, which was empty. I told the cashier that the manager had advised me to go there, and she said it was fine because she wasn't busy and it would keep her from being bored. Then, what I feared would happen did: a woman and her teen daughter were in line behind me, and although I did not hold them up in any way because there was another available register in the express line, they looked at me with disapproval and I am pretty sure they muttered about me. My point is that while I too don't like it when people exceed the item limit in the express checkout line, from now on I will be less judge-y about it, because it's possible that a manager forced them into that situation.