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Monday, February 23, 2015

Something from the Past...

I wrote these six sentences and they were published on the now-defunct site, Six Sentences. I thought I'd share this piece here.

Second Helpings

by Amy Simonson

"Food is my most favorite thing in the whole, wide world, and I dream about it every night!" the little girl exclaims

at dinner. The mother ignores her husband’s sardonic head shake, and smiles at her eight-year-old cherub across

bowls of creamy mashed potatoes, crisp sage stuffing and buttery glazed carrots. She thinks to herself, I’ve never 

comforted or rewarded with food like my parents did, so where does she get her infatuation with food? She 

glimpses a future where her chubby teenaged daughter sits home on Friday nights watching TV and cuddling up 

with bags of Doritos and packages of Tastykakes, rather than cheering on her high school’s football team and 

hanging out with friends. The mother’s broad smile morphs into a frown and tears moisten her eyes. She pushes 

her plate away, and surreptitiously slides her hand beneath the table to loosen the top button of her jeans.

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