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Monday, January 19, 2015

Fighting the January Head Games

Well, it's January, and many people with eating/food/body image issues knows what this means. It means we get jazzed about working out, dieting and losing weight. Even though I've been actively working on overcoming these issues for the past two years, January always seems to be a trigger for me. I fall back into old habits and old ways of thinking. Thankfully, I have an appointment with my ED therapist later this afternoon.

This month, two things have piqued my curiosity: the Daily Burn and Intermittent Fasting. 

I signed up for the free 30-day trial of the Daily Burn, and so far, I have to say I like it, and I believe it's a good tool for me. I answered some questions and they put me in the "True Beginner" sector, which admittedly, felt like a "put down." I've come to terms with being placed in the True Beginner group, because thinking I can work out like a fiend at a higher level than where I should be exercising has also been an issue for me in the past. So, fine. I'm a "true beginner" and that's ok with me. The Daily Burn provides me with workouts that are specifically suited for people who are getting back into exercising, who aren't in great shape. I've done four workouts and feel like I've been challenged physically. I will sign up for the program, which is $9.00/month and allows me access to a range of different workouts and health tools.

Now, for Intermittent Fasting, or IF. I realize my old diet mentality has kicked into high gear with this one. IF says you eat for an 8-hour period of time then stop eating, usually in the evening so part of your fasting time includes the time you're asleep. (This is just one method of IF). Sounds do-able, right? So I eat from noon to 8 p.m., stop eating, go to sleep and don't eat until noon the next day. This eating style jumped up and down, waving its arms to grab my attention, and grab my attention it did!

Knowing what I know now thanks to my DD (Dynamic Duo) after my excitement subsided, the red flags started going up. Purposely eat this way? It's total diet mentality, and one I'm trying to fend off. I called and scheduled said appointment with my therapist and I texted my dietician, who says she's never heard of IF. IF is everywhere on the Internet, but when I explained it to her, she said she didn't like the sound of it. I knew she wouldn't.

Many people hail IF and say it has worked for them as an "eating lifestyle." These people also pointed out how many religions utilize fasting periods, and this was ironic me because yesterday in church, my rector's sermon included something about fasting and why it's good for us as Christians--to purposely give up something we like (food) in order to challenge ourselves and prove that we can give up things we enjoy. It's always interesting to me how what I hear in church specifically speaks to me and my life at the current time.

I'm thinking about IF, but I know it goes against all of the "intuitive eating" lessons I've learned these past few years. I'm doing well with my eating issues, and I've had a fair amount of stress these past few weeks. The old Amy would've given into food cravings and binge-eaten, but not now, and I'm proud of that. Still...January is playing its usual head games with me. I'm trying to stand strong. Anyone else out there jump on the diet/workout bandwagon in January? If so, how long do you usually stay on for the ride?

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