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Friday, August 8, 2014

Aspiring to: be Creative!

I’ll admit, as a struggling writer it’s hard to be creative all the time. Especially when you’re a wife and mother. Mostly what I do these days is chauffeur my girls around. I’m trying not to complain about this too much as my oldest is taking her last driving lesson at this very moment. In twelve short months, she’ll be driving everywhere on her own. I will be less needed, and I know I will miss that.

But these past few weeks have just been crazy here in the Simonson household. I’ve had no time to sit and work on my novel or my memoir. I’ve had no time to sit and meditate, something I’ve come to love and something I find I really need to center myself.

Maybe a better title for this post is Aspiring to find more time for myself! It’s something I struggle with, along with my food issues and getting more activity in. How do we moms do it? How do we carve out moments for ourselves in order to maintain our sanity and be better for everyone else in our lives?

I also admit that sometimes creativity hits me at the worst moments. Like, for instance, when I'm sitting in a cooking class and the woman lecturing on wine is a character herself and she says a number of things I want to use in my writing somewhere. But do I have my trusty little notebook where I jot down ideas when they appear on the spur of the moment? No. And how rude would that be, to start compiling notes about the woman when she's standing right in front of me, giving of her time and herself in order to expand my knowledge of wine? Ok, to be honest, I wouldn't care if it'd been rude or not, but I didn't have my notebook. This wanna-be writer knows, when creativity hits, take advantage of it. That's the only honest bit of creativity I've had this past week--in the cooking class I took with my husband last Friday. Here are some pics of us preparing scallops:

Next week I'll have more time to myself and hopefully, more time to be creative and get some writing done. Both girls will be working at our church's Vacation Bible School from 8-1 every day. There is light at the end of this tunnel. I envision hours at my desk, words and ideas flowing freely, and perhaps one or two more creative blog posts. 

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