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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Change is Good

Well...as you can see, I've changed the name of my blog as well as its main focus. I'm still working on my memoir detailing my food/eating/body image issues, but said issues are not the overwhelming issues of my life at the moment. I want to write about other things going on in my life, things I believe are going on in other women's lives. I want to reach out and relate to people on other topics besides food and body image. I'm a wife, mother, daughter and sister for Pete's sake. There's a TON of material I can write about from those perspectives.

I chose "Amy Aspiring" as my blog's name because that's where I am now. I'm aspiring to live a healthier lifestyle. I'm aspiring to be kinder to myself. I'm an aspiring writer. I'm aspiring in many aspects of my life, as I believe many of us are. Aren't we always reaching higher, trying to do better in some area of our life? And "aspiring" connotes positivity, whereas "reluctant" does not. I'm still reluctant to blog at times, but not like I was in the beginning. Maybe lazy is a better descriptor than reluctant, but I digress.

Anyway...welcome to my "new" blog. A refreshed start, and one I hope resonates with any readers who happen by. I wish everyone success in their aspirations, whatever they may be!

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