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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aspiring to Share Some Positivity

I follow this site on Facebook. It's called Just Eat Real Food. It took me YEARS to learn this:

Thanks to my Dynamic Duo (DD) Jenn and Ani.

It has also taken me years to learn this, but I'm glad I finally learned it. And maybe it just takes years to learn these things because that's what life is: living and learning. Anyway, from Joel Osteen:

And finally this one:

I've been meditating regularly for over a year now and it has done wonders for my soul. It has opened me up creatively, it has helped calmed me and provided keen insight. If you're put off by the idea of meditating, it doesn't need to be anything "New Agey" or done with chanting...just sit quietly and stop thinking consciously. See what comes to you. See how you feel afterwards. I love it. It's become my favorite 20-30 minutes of (almost) every day. 

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