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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This Seems Like a Never-Ending Battle

I don't watch beauty pageants for reasons obvious to anyone who reads my blog, but I was watching a news program this morning that praised Miss Indiana, U.S. as being "the new normal" for body types. They showed her parading around in her bikini and guess what? She looked FABULOUS. She looked nothing like the "normal" women I know and see in bathing suits. I'm sure she's a lovely person, but she, in NO WAY, should be touted as the "new normal" for body types. Yes, maybe she's a little curvier than some of the other contestants, but she is still thinner than most of us. I don't see her as what "normal" should be.

I don't like that word, normal.

What's "normal" for one isn't necessarily "normal" for others.

Then I went online and found this article on CNN.com:


I invite everyone to read it. It mentions Melissa McCarthy and compares her recent dress issues and the fact that Miss Indiana U.S.'s "normality" of body size. I STRONGLY encourage you to read the comments. I found two of them so offensive I had to comment myself. Of course, I'll probably receive some nasty rebuttals as I called for empathy and sensitivity but that's the way the world seems to be at the moment: judgmental, critical, harsh when it comes to people of size, people who are different, people who may be struggling with weight and body image.

I'm beginning to feel like Sisyphus.

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