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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Times, They Are a Changin'....I Think

A friend of mine, Marty Preston, gave me a copy of the May issue of Ladies' Home Journal (the one with Sally Field on the cover). It contains an article by Ginny Graves, Big Idea: Let's All Stop Dieting. 

I found it interesting for a number of reasons, but mainly because the author seems to have arrived at the conclusion which my therapist and nutritionist have been drumming into my head for a year now:


I'm hearing this more and more lately. I hear it on TV news shows, talk shows, I read it in magazines...it seems like people are jumping on this bandwagon.            

In a nutshell, the article outlines what I've been learning myself this past year:

  • that dieting slows one's metabolism and may even cause us to gain more weight back in the long run
  • that labeling foods as "good," "bad," "forbidden" or "sinful" only makes us want those foods more and leads to overeating of such foods
  • make sure to pack little bags of snacks like nuts and fruits to maintain your blood sugar and stave off out-of-control hunger that often leads to overeating of high-carb, sugary foods
  • try to get in some exercise
  • eat mindfully, honor your hunger
I have definitely embraced the "don't label food as sinful" mantra. Doing that really changed how I look at and approach food. It removes a lot of guilt I used to feel. And...I find that I eat more openly and honestly and don't over-indulge like I used to. 

It's hard to change our mindsets, especially when certain messages have been hammered into our brains over and over again for years, but I think things are changing for the better. Researchers, health educators and the media seem to be getting it. I'm trying to get it. I want others who are in the ED boa t to get it, too. It takes time for things to really change, but articles like this one in LHJ give me hope. 

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