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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Please Pardon the Interruption...

Life got in my way last week. My family lost a beloved aunt, while another family member was sick and hospitalized and I fell completely offline--literally and figuratively!

This meant no writing, at all. I read emails, but didn't respond; I didn't journal, I didn't work on my WIP and I obviously neglected my blog. Blogging takes a good deal of time and energy and I was depleted of both these past 10 days.

I learned something about my eating issues, however. It seems that when I'm hit with "crisis stress" I don't eat. It's only the little stressors or times when I'm alone that trigger my emotional eating. Hmm...

I can't explain this. I just know that last week, when things were in an uproar, I didn't eat much. I even forgot to eat at times, believe it or not. One day, I grabbed a doughnut in the morning and didn't eat again--or think about eating again--until dinner time that night. This is very unlike me. Food and thoughts of eating and counting points and calories and the timing of when I eat, etc. monopolize my thoughts. Not so when the shit hits the fan.

I really don't want to live in a constant state of crisis stress. It took a toll on me physically. My leg muscles, for some reason, ached every night. I guess from holding the stress of the day. I was more tired than I normally am. Of course it's not realistic to live in a state of crisis stress, but I have to admit, it was kind of nice having a break from my food and eating issues.

So this week I'm back to writing...and blogging...and eating, although nothing's been out of control. I hope it stays that way. I could use some normalcy.

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